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A few weight loss facts:

When we lose weight, we lose fat. That loosened fat has to go somewhere. Drinking pure or filtered water helps send the dead fat straight to our colon and out of our body.

Toxins like to nestle in our fat cells, causing them to expand in size. When we flush toxins from our body by drinking water all day long every day and eating cleansing foods, we will effectively shrink our fat cells.

When it comes to weight gain, no two bodies are exactly alike. Do you know what your unique weight gain triggers are?

When it comes to weight loss, the single biggest long term determiner of your success is the habits you keep. We are habit driven creatures. Taking on good habits that you enjoy is a cornerstone of permanent weight loss. Good habits make giving up all those bad habits remarkably easier, and good habits last a lifetime. One factor common to all long-term weight loss successes is replacing bad habits with good ones.

On this site you will find:

  • Good habits that you’ll like or love and never give up.
  • Weight loss tips that are proven successful
  • Cutting edge weight loss research
  • Seasonal dietary tools for optimal weight loss
  • Information on expensive and dangerous weight loss scams
  • Fat burning techniques that work
  • Simple lifestyle changes that will help you manage your weight for the rest of your life
  • Tools for how to determine your unique weight gain triggers
  • Instructions for creating your personalized formula for weight loss based on your body type, fat type, personality, heredity, lifestyle, and other factors
  • A list of the most and least fat-making sweeteners

If weight loss, big or small, is your goal, we’re here to help.