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Another simple weight loss secret and recommended good habit:

Eat Slowly and Chew Well.

Did you know that undigested food tends to turn into fat?

A little known weight loss secret is found in good digestion. Digestion starts in the mouth, as we chew our food. When you eat fast and don’t allow saliva to do its digestive magic, or when you swallow large pieces of food that are difficult for the stomach to break down, you overload your digestive system.

If you always have a stomach ache after eating, that is often a sign of indigestion (a weight loss nightmare).

Use my 20/20 rule: give yourself no less than 20 minutes per meal and chew each mouthful no less than 20 times.

I also suggest taking a digestive enzyme with every meal. There are many enzymes on the market and I’ve been asked countless times what I use. I’ve taken¬†Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes¬†for years. It’s very well priced and gentle on the stomach.