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Yes, there are foods that assist our body in metabolizing and eliminating fat. At the end of this article, I’m including a link to a list of these foods. Be sure your weight loss diet emphasizes as many of these fat burning foods as possible.

There are four types of food that burn fat:

Thermogenic foods require maximum caloric energy to digest properly. These foods will naturally increase your metabolism, which in turn causes your body to burn more calories per hour, whether you’re exercising, cooking or sleeping. Thermogenic foods are more energetically expensive to digest because they raise the body’s temperature (chili peppers do this) or because they are difficult to break down (the dense fiber of celery is an excellent example of this principle).

Low glycemic index foods release insulin slowly into the bloodstream and promote fat burn. Glycemic refers to sugars (carbs) our food contains. When we eat sugar or simple carbohydrates that break down quickly, insulin is released in the blood to regulate our blood sugar levels. Insulin tells the body to store fat rather than burn it, which explains why deserts and sugary treats cause weight gain. An essential weight loss secret involves eating a diet that emphasizes low glycemic foods.

Hydrating foods increase hydration, which is a crucial component of weight loss. Too little is said about the role of dehydration and weight loss. When we are dehydrated, the toxins in our body don’t get flushed out. They tend to land in our fat cells, which plumps them up and causes weight gain. Dehydration also causes water retention, which also causes weight gain. If we want to lose weight, we have to drink more water, eat more soup, and eat more hydrating foods.

High fiber foods are also essential to weight loss, for many reasons. Fiber is filling and gives us a sense of fullness, which many people trying to lose weight have a hard time giving up. High fiber foods are beneficial to digestion and help move waste material through the colon. A round belly isn’t always just fat. Bloating and a sluggish colon can add inches around our waist. High fiber foods break down slowly (giving them a low to medium glycemic index), thus keeps our insulin levels low so our body will burn fat rather than hold on to it.


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Here is a list of the best fat burning foods.