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Gradual Weight Loss is Best

Another simple weight loss secret and recommended good habit:

Keep your weight loss slow and steady.

Quick weight loss is a recipe for disaster. In our experience working with clients and in the years of research we’ve done on successful weight loss, there is one common contributor to long-term, effective weight loss: a gradual, steady approach to losing weight.

Gradual weight loss doesn’t trigger starvation mechanisms in your body like quick weight loss does, with the low calorie intake or meal skipping. If your diet is too low in calories (under 1200 a day), your metabolic rate will slow down, causing your body to burn the calories you do eat at a much lower rate. If you’re not eating regularly throughout the day, your body will begin storing your caloric intake as fat that it can burn during a potential future famine.

Your body instinctively wants to hold on to fat for future needs. Fat stores are like having money in the bank as far as your body is concerned. When you burn fat, you are withdrawing funds from your body’s fat account. The body will resist your weight loss efforts proportionate to the amount of fat you are withdrawing.