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How We Lose Weight

We have to be realistic about weight loss if we’re going to succeed in our weight loss efforts.

That’s the first reality we have to embrace: effective weight loss requires effort. Period.

One of the reasons some of us are overweight is because effort isn’t easy. Effort is work.

But don’t be discouraged! Work can be pleasant if we make it.

A secret tool of those who lose weight and keep it off is attitude. You have to really, really, really WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. Really want it. The more you want what you want, the greater your chances of getting it. How much do you honestly and truly want to lose weight? Do you want it more than your favorite bad dietary habit? Tell yourself every day, all day long, how much you want to feel better and look better. Say it with feeling, with love for yourself, with belief in yourself.

Another secret tool in successful weight loss is HARNESSING THE POWER OF HABIT. In personalizing your weight loss program, one of your projects will be identifying weight gain habits (ie, bad habits) and replacing them with weight loss habits (good habits). We harness the power of habits by being so consistently repetitive in making weight loss choices that they soon become second nature.

A little known tool of successful weight loss is having a PERSONAL PROGRAM. No two bodies are alike, not in shape, not in function, and certainly not in how fat is made and stored. You need to know what makes you fat, not what makes anyone else fat (the exception being your friends, sisters, mother, anyone in your life who you can help). Sign up for our free course in personalizing your weight loss. We will walk you through the making of your personal weight loss program.

There are some weight loss Do’s and Don’ts that apply to everyone, regardless of their body’s unique fat-making process.


You have to drink clean, plain water (ideally a gallon a day; work up to it, you can do it; unsweetened tea counts, but nothing else)

You have to move every day (but I hate exercise!)

If you don’t move much, you have to eat less

You have to keep your blood sugar levels stable (known also as glycemic levels)

You have to rid your body of excess toxins (how to detox)