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Please, Do Not Eat the Popcorn

WARNING: Microwave popcorn is hazardous to your health and will wreck your waistline!

Let’s start with the waistline. Did you know that popcorn and puffed grains have outrageously high glycemic levels? This means that the sugars they contain break down super fast and enter the bloodstream in no time. Your pancreas pours a super-dose of insulin into your blood to prevent you from going into a diabetic coma. High levels of insulin tell the body to store fat. Repeated consumption of popcorn (even oil-less air popped popcorn!) will contribute to a fatter belly or thicker thighs.

If you want your popcorn (air popped only) or rice cakes, then eat them with a generous amount of protein and a modest amount of fat. Low-fat greek yogurt or soaked almonds or low-fat cheese or tuna salad are good choices.

NEVER eat popcorn or puffed grains without a generous amount of protein and a modest amount of healthy fat. Low-fat greek yogurt, tuna salad, soaked almonds and low-fat cheese are good choices.

NEVER eat microwave popcorn, ever! There are 2 reasons for this: 1) microwave popcorn contains transfats that are very, very bad for you; 2) the bag contain a grease-resistant chemical known as PFOA, which is linked with disease, cancer and low birth weight in women exposed to PFOA.



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