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Another secret to successful weight loss:

Don’t try to not do the bad stuff.

Choose to do more of the good.

Your persistent attitude toward weight loss will determine if you succeed or if you don’t. If your attitude is negative — “I’m never eating fried food again”, “I’m not going to order the pasta”, “No more chocolate for me” — you’re filling your mind with negative images, feelings of lack and mantras of deprivation. This is a classic set up for one of the biggest weight loss sabotage techniques known to humankind: food cravings that arise out of too much restriction.

We have found again and again that successful, long-term weight loss is won by those who replace negative attitudes and habits with positive ones. 

Here’s how to turn a negative into a positive, using our examples from above.

“I’m never eating fried food again!”

What’s wrong with this attitude?

You’re giving yourself an ultimatum. Never say never. It’s not necessary. Practice the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time, no fried food! 20% of the time, a little fried treat awaits you, guilt free.

Instead of lamenting that you can never have friend food again, think about when you can cash in on your 20% reward and let yourself look forward to that and then let it go. Time to think about something else, something other than food.

“I’m not going to order the pasta.”

Think instead about what you are going to have. Find your favorite healthiest dish on the menu and savor it, knowing that you just made a tiny but priceless dietary decision. You made the weight loss decision. The more of those you make, the more weight you will lose.

“No more chocolate for me.”

Again, never say never. If you’re a hopeless chocolate addict and can’t have just one bite and let it slow melt in your mouth, then you might need to give it up for good. Don’t buy it, don’t keep it in the house. Find a healthy chocolate alternative, like low-fat, low-sugar carob treats. When you do allow yourself some chocolate, ALWAYS buy dark chocolate with the lowest fat and sugar content. Don’t chew it, let it melt slowly in your mouth and enjoy it fully.

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