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Raw Weight Loss

Another simple weight loss secret and recommended good habit:

Eat at least 1 fresh fruit and 1 raw vegetable every day.

Raw fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, all of which play a role in proper digestion, which plays a vital role in weight loss.

Go for vibrant colors. Dark greens pack more vitamins and minerals than iceberg lettuce. I recommend a colorful salad at every meal, made with ingredients that have been chopped up ahead of time and stored in airtight containers. When I have extra time, I chop up a variety of vegetables with a Salad Shooter. Then, when I’m ready to make a salad, there’s a mini salad bar waiting in my fridge.

As for fruits, have one first thing in the morning, half an hour before breakfast, or middle of the afternoon as a snack. A juicy piece of your favorite fruit is an excellent replacement for chocolate or ice cream or other fattening treat.