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Rachel asks: What will drinking only water do for my body? Will it help at all? I am addicted to pop and caffeine and have had several health issues and have been on lots of medication including steroids, which is given me lots of extra weight. What would be the best course for me to take to lose some much needed weight?

Answer: Yes, absolutely, drinking water in place of soda will help you lose weight. There are several reasons for this.

Sugary sodas cause weight gain, especially those that contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). HFCS is cheap to make and as it has found its way into more of our food and beverages, obesity levels have increased dramatically. Many weight loss scientists believe that HFCS is one of the primary food factors in the alarming increase in overweight worldwide.

Diet sodas have NOT been found to aid in weight loss, according to recent weight loss research. In one study, diet soda consumption lead to weight gain, as it increases cravings for other sweet foods. And just because an artificial sweetener has zero calories, that doesn’t mean it will not stimulate the production of insulin, which drives weight gain.

Artificial colorings and flavorings in sodas can accumulate in the body as toxins (especially if you don’t exercise regularly and/or suffer from constipation). Toxins like to nestle in our fat cells, which make them bigger. Water flushes toxins from our cells and tissues.

Water flushes dead fat from our bloodstream. Dead fat is fat that has been burned as energy through exercise or low calorie intake. If we’re not flushing dead fat from our body, it becomes another toxin burdening our body and we’re not completing the weight loss action we worked so hard for.

Water hydrates the colon. Most overweight people are carrying around unknown pounds of waste material in their colon. There is a reason why fashion models use laxatives.

Water aids digestion. Not all the roundness of a fat belly is fat tissue. Much is simply stomach distension caused by bloating, which results from indigestion, food allergies, or a lack of healthy bacteria found in yogurt. Proper digestion is essential to weight loss because undigested food turns into fat or toxins.

Healthy water intake prevents dehydration, which causes water retention.

The bottom line: Eliminating sodas and other beverages that contain sweeteners, flavors, colors and other additives is essential to long-term successful weight loss. Water is one of the most important parts of an effective weight loss strategy, yet is so rarely talked about by the weight loss industry because there’s no profit in selling water.

In my next article, How to Drink More Water and Not Hate Every Sip of It, I’ll share my foolproof secret to getting off sodas and becoming an avid water drinker. Get notified of new articles by email: