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Why We Get Fat

It’s as important to know how we gain weight as how we lose weight.

Some of these factors involved in wight gain are universal, others are individual. You should give all of them consideration. We intend for this list to be inclusive, so we aren’t neglecting the obvious sources of weight gain. We are constantly on the lookout for cutting edge research into weight loss, and when new understandings come to light, we will add them to this list. Some of these

Why we get fat:

Excess calorie intake

Sudden increases in insulin levels (brought on by rapid elevation of blood sugar)

Too many carbohydrates (overall, but especially in one sitting)

Too little protein

Too much fat

Fat + sugar (and little or no protein to regulate blood sugar levels)

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial everything else (colors, flavors, etc)

High fructose corn syrup


Lack of exercise

Low muscle mass

Low metabolism

Poor circulation

Undigested food

Congested liver

Dietary and environmental toxins

Certain prescription drugs

High levels of estrogen and/or progesterone