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Why You Should Snack

To snack or not to snack. More and more nutritionists are recommending that people eat 5 – 6 small meals a day. In my own experience, this is proving to be a sound rule of eating, but  since every rule has at least one exception, the 5 – 6 Meals Rule screams for a few caveats.

These caveats fall into two areas: the first has to do with how quickly your body digests food and burns it as energy; the second has to do with the ratio between the amount of calories you consume in these meals and how much physical activity you engage in. You may have job that is sedentary, lots of sitting with minimal movement. Your overall calorie consumption needs to reflect that level of calorie burn. You want a small, protein-rich, carb-light breakfast followed by a small mid-morning snack (a handful of almonds, plain yogurt with a little fruit). If your work is more physically demanding, your breakfast and mid-morning snack can be larger meals to provide you with the calories you need to get through your morning.

The other point here has to do with your body’s unique metabolic type. Learn more about your metabolic type, which will help you determine which snacks will contribute to weight loss and which will only keep them on.