Chlorella: A Natural Cleanser and Superfood

One of the greatest food substances for cleansing the body is chlorophyll, found in all green vegetables, especially the green, leafy vegetables. The problem we find here is that food greens contain less than half of one percent chlorophyll. Alfalfa, from which chlorophyll is commercially extracted, has only 8 or 9 pounds per ton, about 0.2% when extracted, and alfalfa is one of the plants highest in chlorophyll. Commercial liquid chlorophyll often contains only about 1% chlorophyll.

Green algae are the highest sources of chlorophyll in the plant world; and, of all the green algae studied so far, chlorella is the highest, often ranging from 3 to 5% chlorophyll.' Chlorella supplements can speed up the rate of cleansing of the bowel, bloodstream and liver, by supplying plenty of chlorophyll. In addition, the mysterious Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) speeds up the healing rate of any damaged tissue.

Chlorella is high in protein and other essential nutrients.

Algae Studies and the Liver

There are many conditions and toxins that contribute to liver necrosis or fatty liver, and one of the most common is malnutrition, especially diets lacking in quality protein (specifically the sulphur-containing amino acids). Diabetes can cause one type of fatty liver degeneration, and excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates causes another. Experiments have been done in the Republic of China, Japan, and Germany to see what effects chlorella would have in preventing or reversing various liver conditions, and the results are promising and exciting.

One of the first comparative studies of the effects of alga and other foods (skim milk powder and cooked egg white) on the liver was done in the early 1950s in Germany at the universities of Bonn and Cologne. Dr. Hermann Fink fed groups of rats single-food diets to see how alga compared with known food substances. On a diet of only skim milk, most of the rats died of liver necrosis, while one rat on the egg white diet showed signs of necrosis. All rats on the alga diet remained healthy. Dr. Fink concluded that further research should be done to find out if green alga had therapeutic value for the liver.

Chlorella Protects the Liver

Several experiments have shown that chlorella stimulates a protective effect on the liver, as shown by its resistance to damage by toxins such as ethionine. In one German study, the liver was protected from the kind of damage caused by malnutrition. Chlorella lowers blood cholesterol and triglycerides, the levels of which are associated with liver metabolism as well as fat intake. We can see how the protective and cleansing effects of chlorella on the liver support the natural defenses of the body.

Since the 1930s, experiments with ethionine, a chemical toxic to the liver, had been done on laboratory animals, because ethionine caused liver malfunctions similar to those caused in humans from malnutrition, alcoholism, disturbed sugar storage, interference with protein and fat metabolism and so forth. In the 1970s, a group of Chinese scientists at Taipei Medical College and National Taiwan University decided to see if chlorella added to the diet would protect the liver from ethionine damage.

In their first experiments, Wang, Lin and Tung found that feeding chlorella to rats before giving them the ethionine helped protect the liver from damage and produced faster recovery times. Following up on these studies, the Formosan scientists designed another experiment to see how 5% chlorella supplementation of the diet would affect more specific liver functions. Rats fed the chlorella supplement had lower levels of total liver fats, triglycerides and glycogen (stored sugar), and less liver damage, than rats fed the same diet without chlorella, after ethionine was given to both groups. The chlorella fed rats also recovered more rapidly. Earlier experiments showed that malnutrition caused abnormally high levels of glycogen in the liver and high levels of triglycerides due to liver malfunction. The authors of the study concluded that chlorella protects the liver from damage due to malnutrition or toxins when used at a relatively low level (5%) of supplementation.

In 1975, Japanese researchers published an article in the Japanese Journal of Nutrition, showing that chlorella in the diet lowered both the blood cholesterol and liver cholesterol. There was a definite effect by chlorella on liver function.

Heavy Metal Removal Using Chlorella

Chlorella is a powerful detoxification aid for heavy metals and other pesticides. Numerous research projects in the U.S. and Europe indicate that chlorella can also aid the body in breaking down persistent hydrocarbon and metallic toxins such as mercury, cadmium and lead, DDT and PCB while strengthening the immune system response. In Japan, interest in chlorella has focused largely on its detoxifying properties - its ability to remove or neutralize poisonous substances from the body.

This detoxification of heavy metals and other chemical toxins in the blood will take 3 to 6 months to build up enough to begin this process depending on how much chlorella a person is taking. Chlorella is a food. As such, it is almost impossible to take too much chlorella. It is also this fibrous material which greatly augments healthy digestion and overall digestive track health.

How Does Chlorella Detoxify Your Body?

Chlorella is comprised of a fibrous, indigestible outer shell (20%) and its inner nutrients (80%). It is the fibrous material which has been proven to actually bind with the heavy metals and pesticides - such as PCBs - which can accumulate in our bodies.

A clean bloodstream, with an abundance of red blood cells to carry oxygen, is necessary to a strong natural defense system. Chlorella's cleansing action on the bowel and other elimination channels, as well as its protection of the liver, helps keep the blood clean. Clean blood insures that metabolic wastes are efficiently carried away from the tissues.

Chlorella gets its name from the high amount of chlorophyl it possesses. Chlorella contains more chlorophyl per gram than any other plant. Chlorophyl is one of the greatest food substances for cleansing the bowel and other elimination systems, such as the liver and the blood.

Green algae are the highest sources of chlorophyl in the plant world. And of all the green algae studied so far, chlorella has the highest, often ranging from 3 to 5% pure natural chlorophyll.

Chlorella is a Key Detoxification Tool

Hemoglobin is the protein in our red blood cells which binds with oxygen and gives blood its bright red color. Chlorophyll cells are nearly identical to hemoglobin, with one exception: Chlorophyll has a magnesium molecule at its center while hemoglobin has an iron molecule at the center of it.

This is important because magnesium is essential for the heart to function properly. Every time our heart beats, it is utilizing magnesium to do so.

Chlorophyll is effective against anemia and stimulates the production of red blood cells in the body. It also helps carry oxygen around the body and to the brain. This is why chlorella is often called a 'Brain Food'.

Several researchers have suggested the use of chlorophyll as a medical therapy for anemia.

Other Healing Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella Will Improve Your Digestive System

Since chlorella has such a high chlorophyll content, people find chronic bad breath is often eliminated in just a few days on chlorella. Foul smelling stools are also greatly improved and chlorophyll has been attributed to relieving constipation.

Chlorella Shown To Be Helpful in Fighting Cancer

Interferon is one of our body's greatest natural defenses against cancer. One of the ways we fight cancer is to use agents to stimulate macrophage production and activity. Interferon is a natural secretion of the body which is thought to be a stimulator of macrophages and tumor necrosis factor.

Chlorella stimulates the activity of macrophages and T-cells by increasing interferon levels thus enhancing the immune system's ability to combat foreign invaders whether they are viruses, bacteria, chemicals or foreign proteins.

Chlorella Contains Natural Digestive and other Enzymes

Chlorella contains enzymes such as chlorophyllase and pepsin, which are two digestive enzymes. Enzymes perform a number of important functions in the body. Chlorella has many different types of enzymes that our bodies need.

It is essential that any chlorella you take is NOT freeze dried or pasteurized. If it is, then you have lost the crucial benefit of enzymes such as these.

Chlorella is Alkaline and Helps Balance Your Body's pH

It's important that we maintain a balance body pH of ideally about 7.2-7.4, which is about neutral. However, because of our poor diet of junk food, overcooked, processed foods, fast food, which include soft drinks which have a pH of 2.7, most of us are not balanced.

This is important because most diseases start, live and thrive in an acidic environment and do not live well in an alkaline environment. Cancer rates have risen steadily so that now fully 1/3 of all people in the U. S. will get cancer in their lifetime.

The rise of fast, junk and processed foods match those of rising cancer rates. 30 years ago, cancer in children was almost unheard of. Now they have entire hospital wards given over to children with cancer. Including whole foods like chlorella in your diet is one step you can take toward reducing your risks for cancer.

Chlorella Normalizes Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that chlorella tends to normalize blood sugar in cases of hypoglycemia. In hypoglycemia, blood sugar is too low. Proper levels of blood sugar are necessary for normal brain function, heart function and energy metabolism, all of which are crucial in sustaining good health and preventing disease.

High blood pressure is one of the major risk factors in heart attack and stroke, which account for more fatalities in the United States than any other disease. Laboratory experiments have shown that regular use of chlorella reduces high blood pressure and prevents strokes in rats.

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