Liver Health and Weight Management

Did you know there is a connection between liver congestion and weight loss?

Among the many amazing activities of the liver is the regulation of how our dietary fat is metabolized.

If your liver is compromised from fatty liver, liver congestion, weakness or disease, it will not properly breakdown your fat intake. Unprocessed fat globules will enter the bloodstream and make their way to clusters of fat cells in those parts of your body that are most prone to weight gain.

It is essential that your liver functin properly so that your body can break down and burn fat rather than dispatch it to your fat cells for storage.

Your liver is also involved in the elimination of excess fat from the body. The liver filtrates extra fat out of the body via our bile and into the small intestines for elimination from the body. This is an especially imprtant function for anyone who is on a weight loss program to lose fat. If your liver is engorged by toxic waste or congested with excessive waste, its job of removing excess fat from the bloodstream will be impaired. Over time, the extra fat deposits will build up in your body, around the organs and in fat tissue under the skin.

The growth of cellulite in the hips, thighs, arms and stomach area is directly related to deficient metabolism and filtration of fat in the liver.

It will be very challenging to lose weight unless the liver function is repaired!

Once liver function is better, it can begin metabolizing fat efficiently again and your weight loss effprt will no longer be deadlocked. A thorough liver cleanse is the best solution for reestablishing healthy liver function. Start by taking an inventory of your diet and living habits and then begin the elimination of drinks, foods and other things you do that stress and damage the liver. Once you've cleaned up your habits, a liver cleansing diet should be implemented, as well as a good liver cleanse protocol.

One of the safest liver cleansing plans is the lemon diet detox. Lemons and the other tart citrus fruits are very restorative to the liver. See also this liver lymph cleanse.