How to Break a Fast

Breaking an extensive fast can be harder than fasting itself and it requires caution and understanding. You are not unlike a small child, learning to eat solid foods. You may likely want to celebrate and indulge in a lot of your favorite foods to excess. This, of course, is a mistake. You should take as long to reintroduce solid foods to your diet as you spent on the fast. Some folks juice fast for a month or more with great benefits.

Start slowly by introducing some nutritious foods back into your diet, Use whole fresh fruits and vegetables. Start slowly with reasonably small portions. You may be surprised that your stomach will no longer accept the portion sizes that you ate in the past. In fact, it has shrunk.

Remember that the whole idea is to build health, so understand that you will not go back to your excessive ways of eating. A half of a pizza and a half gallon of coke are things of your past. This is not to say that you will 'never' eat these foods again, They will just not be a staple in your diet. When you do 'indulge' it will be limited and controlled. You will not feel guilty if you plan to depart from your diet now and then.

Set a plan, Declare to yourself that you will allow a certain favorite food only every so often. In my case, I allowed myself to have a soft ice cream cone once a month during the summertime. This kept me from feeling sorry for myself and gave me real control. I didn't feel guilty because I had not violated my diet plan. This past year, I didn't have any soft ice cream. It has lost its attraction to me and I really don't miss it.

I have finally taken comfortable control of this part of my life, and I like it.

Please don't panic and think that you will never enjoy foods again. You will enjoy foods, good foods, and you will prefer it to be this way. A friend who made this change, said to me, "I will never go back to my old ways of eating. Why would I ever want to feel like that again?"

This is the prospect that awaits you. Those who achieve this success are very glad that they did. I know one lady who, regardless of how hard she tried, could not lose her 'belly'. After the correction to her diet, she is perfectly slim, athletic, and very happy with herself and her life. This is all because, instead of counting calories, she is properly nourishing her body and her body is responding according to the blueprint that she carries in every cell for a health body, her DNA code.

Your DNA is struggling to do the same thing for your body. Give it the nourishing resources that it needs and it will do the same for you.