Natural Detox Methods

Body detoxification is most effective when it becomes integrated into your lifestyle.

We recommend approaching body detoxification with a combination of periodic cleanses — once every season, for example — and daily dietary and lifestyle adjustments that reduce toxicity in the first place.

Our favorite cleansing methods, in terms of effectiveness and gentleness, are

Natural Detoxification:

The Complete Guide to Clearing Your Body of Toxins

by Jacqueline Krohn, M.D., Frances A. Taylor, M.A., Jinger Prosser, L.M.T.

Book Review

Dr. Krohn and her associates have created an invaluable reference book that belongs on the shelf of not only every practitioner who sees the "light of day" in reference to the healing powers of detoxification, but also for all individuals who are serious about learning to use this technique to their best advantage.

Reading between the lines of their book, it's obvious that Dr. Krohn and her associates have a specialized practice in which they treat people who are suffering from severe exposure to toxic elements. This book is particularly valuable for those who are very sick, because it gives them specific information on how to find resources particular to their needs. (Neither this book, nor any book, is a substitute for care by an experienced, licensed professional for a person who is sick. It can help you get pointed in the right direction, however, and possibly save years of suffering if a person follows the pointers it provides.)

This book is organized for easy reference. It breaks down the wide subject material into five main sections:

    Part I: Approaches to Detoxification

    Part II: The Body

    Part III: Types and Sources of Toxins

    Part IV: How We are Exposed to Toxins

    Part V: Ways of Detoxification

Just to look at the section titles, you might think that only Part V contains the "How to" information. Not true, Parts III through V are all loaded with "How to" information.

"Part III: Types and Sources of Toxins" provides the one of the most specific "detective" guides to specific toxins we've seen in any of the detoxification literature, while adding, for each type of toxin, the suggestions of an experienced clinician as to how to cleanse, balance and prevent health effects from that particular type of toxin. This includes emotional toxins, which we believe is one of the most widely unrecognized types of toxins, though distinctly harder to eliminate than exposure to chemicals, for example.

"Part V: Ways of Detoxification" includes information on dozens of detoxification techniques that can be used to round out a nutritional and supplementational approach to detox. Dr. Krohn's credentials as an M.D., as well as a MPH, should satisfy most readers that these techniques are not "fringy."

These include:

  • Baths, Saunas and Hydrotherapy
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Allergy Extracts, Herbs and Chelation
  • Exercise and Bodywork
  • Other Ways of Detoxification, that include
    • Compresses, Poultices and Packs
    • Charcoal Therapy
    • Oxygen Therapy
    • Organ Cleansing (organs discussed are liver, colon, gall bladder)
    • Breathing (yoga is one of the techniques discussed here)

The next-to-the-last chapter of the book is Toxins and Cleansing in Children. Again, this is a topic that we have not seen addressed in any other detoxification book. It discusses children's heightened sensitivity to toxins, as well as how to safely adapt detox procedures for children.

The final chapter is "Current Medical Treatments and Detoxification" and presents information on how to integrate a detoxification awareness into mainstream medical treatments, such as

  • Surgery
  • Radiation Treatment
  • Chemotherapy
  • Medications
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental Work