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Triple Process Total Body Detox

Triple Process Total Body DetoxTriple Process Total Body Detox Potentially Lethal

Beware of Jillian Michael's Triple Process Total Body Detox detox supplement.

Triple Process Total Body Detox Potentially Lethal

by Lynn Baer, M.A., N.C.

Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser has been sued for endorsing diet and detox supplements that are under heavy scrutiny and which have caused at least one death. The lawsuit says that Michaels' Triple Process Total Body Detox & Cleanse diet product might kill you as it contains a fatal recipe.

This lawsuit is the not the first time Michaels has been sued over her detox and weight management supps. Jillian Michaels is up to her neck in three more comparable cases over supplements she has promoted, including her famous Jillian Michael Maximum Strength Fat Burner.

So many of my weight loss clients are using the Maximum Strength Fat Burner I have been looking into the product with great interest. Here is my conclusion: Despite the words on the label, Maximum Strength Fat Burner is a combination of synephrine and caffeine that is potent enough to cause you to, at best, feel hyper all day and at worst, overtax your adrenals and even produce cardiac issues. Other "effective ingredients" the Maximum Strength Fat Burner contains are present in dosages too small to suggest any benefit. The other items (tribulus, white willow powder, cocoa seed) provide no additional value.

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In the final reckoning, Michael's Extreme Maximum Strength Fat Burner is a dangerous product that attempts to beef up its effectiveness by adding conservative amounts of impressive sounding items, thus appearing as a product much more complex than it really is. The greatest concern about taking this supplement is the effect the caffeine/synephrine cocktail may impose on your heart and adrenals, not to mention other organs.

As far as the Triple Process Total Body Detox & Cleanse product goes, my brief exploration into this detox supplement revealed thousands of user complaints that range from stomach cramping to severe headache to uncontrolled bowel movements. A quick glance at the Triple Process Total Body Detox & Cleanse label indicates that this detox supplement relies heavily on purgative herbs in a quantity and combination not necessarily poisonous, but decidedly excessive.

My recommendation: avoid using Jillian Michael's products. There are many superior alternatives on the market that cost less and are more safe to use.

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